BCHA Brew-Blast | 6-8-17 | June Meeting

BCHA Meeting THIS Saturday, June 10 @ 7:00pm

Where: Matt Johnson – 1141 Beltway South, 79602

Taste / Feedback (NEW!!)

Bring your homebrew this Saturday for some feedback from fellow homebrewers. Bring as many brews as you would like (2 bottles of each brew). You will need to write a notecard explaining what style of beer it is and any special ingredients. We will taste each other’s beers and write down what we discover (aroma, flavor, mouthfeel). This is not BJCP judging but a non-threatening, way to see what our buddies think of our brews. We can use the feedback to tweak and improve our brewing.

Fundraising Raffle – bring cash!!!!

* Pappy Slokum items (T-shirts, glasses, growler, soaps) – donated by Pappy’s
* Pounds of Hops
* Modern Homebrew Recipes (book by Gordon Strong)

Awards for 1st competition

Competition #2 entries due

This is an open competition so bring your best beers and participate in these great comps. $2 per entry and you can only enter a specific beer entry one time throughout the year, maximum of 2 entries per person per competition.

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