BCHA – BREW-BLAST | 2-20-17


Host: Pat and Marty Lannon
Where: 12732 County Road 310
Time: 7:00PM – 9:00PM

The time for this club meeting is yet to be determined. For this meeting we will be working on our club bar and also tasting any keg submissions we get for the club bar to bring to Bluebonnet. You still have a little time so if you have a brew you want to submit for our club bar, get to brewing and bring it for this meeting.


It’s official! Our new club website is up and running. Though it is ready and in use I still have a lot of work to do to make it great. If anyone has any suggestions or comments shoot those over to me at adam@beer2brew.com or you can just reply to this email.

I also want to take this time and fill you in on all of the new features and things that we’ll be able to do with this new website.

  1. The first main feature of our new site is the events calendar. You can go here and see all of the events that our club has coming up. This gives you a convenient place to see all the happenings that are coming up without having to go to your email.
  2. We also now have a full featured forum, here. Take some time and check that out and let me know if you have any questions. You can subscribe or unsubscribe so that you can be notified anytime activity takes place on it. We really hope that we can utilize our new forum to give everyone a place for members only to share and ask brewing questions. No more wondering where to post questions or share their brews, this would be the place for it.
  3. This website is setup almost like any other social site. You’ll have the ability to upload a pic, information and also browse through current members so you can find people easily. You can message people directly from the system and also send files and more. There is a lot of features so not knowing what are the most important I’ve left them active and once we see what our members use and don’t we can modify that later.
  4. Archiving is another feature that we now have. I’ll be creating categories and you’ll be able to go back and see all the latest activity and even posts and brew-blasts from a year ago. It will hopefully give everyone a nice way to get information if they misplaced it or want to access it quickly.

We are going to be adding payments and some other cool features later so I’ll keep you posted on any additions to site as they are made. I’m really excited about the new website and I hope that everyone will find it useful.


12 Tips to Making Amazing Session Beers

Beer enthusiasts seek out and enjoy a lot of stronger styles, and with good reason. The richness, complexity, and depth of flavor we find in a stronger beer like a DIPA, an Imperial Stout, or a Wee Heavy just can’t be beat. The market keeps fulfilling the demand for these beers, and homebrewers make their own on top of that.

But we can’t always drink big beers, no matter how much we want to. Sometimes, we want to have a few beers with friends, or we want to have something quenching on a hot day. Can we do that without making bland, unsatisfying beer? Yes, we can. Fortunately, there are beers – session beers – that are perfect for times when we want something milder.

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